Bldg exterior

Redskins Training Center

The Washington Redskins agreed to bring their training camp to Richmond, VA, starting in the 2013 season. Construction of the new facility began early that same year. With an accelerated completion schedule, mechanical contractor ColonialWebb wanted a team they could trust to get the project’s equipment, controls, and airside needs met on time and within budget. They turned to ACES, Inc…

With scheduling such an important aspect of this project, the general contractor, Hourigan Construction, decided to utilize two of ACES, Inc.’s sister companies for commissioning, testing, and balancing. MSTB, Inc. and MSTB Cx Group worked with the Hourigan, ColonialWebb, and ACES teams to keep an open line of communication and ensure the project stayed on track.

The HVAC system in the building uses Daikin Applied Packaged Rooftop Units (RTUs) serving Variable Air Volume (VAV) boxes throughout the space. The outside air is pre-treated with Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) manufactured by Loren Cook. Using an energy recovery wheel, the ERVs help to reduce the building load by transferring energy from the exhaust airstream to the outside airstream. Another energy-saving measure was the use of modulating electric heat by utilizing SCR Control in the VAV boxes. By reducing the load on the HVAC system and modulating the electric heat, the owner is able to save energy and reduce operating costs.

The Alerton Controls Building Automation System (BAS) is web-based and allows for access from any secure Internet connection. The BAS utilizes control strategies, such as demand control ventilation and supply air temperature reset, for energy savings. The system has complete floor plan graphics, as well as graphics for the individual HVAC equipment, allowing for improved accessibility if troubleshooting is needed. During a performance malfunction, the the Alerton system emails and texts critical alarms, which can be picked up at a desktop, smartphone, or similar, Internet-enabled digital device.

The opening of the Redskins Training Camp set an NFL record for highest attendance in its first year, with over 165,000 fans in attendance. When the Redskins are not using the facility, it doubles as a Bon Secours Sports Medicine Facility. The Redskins have brought immense excitement to the Richmond area with their training facility, and ACES is honored to have been a part of the facility’s success.