Virginia Beach Field House

The Virginia Beach Field House, at 175,000 square feet, is one of the largest indoor sports facilities on the East Coast. It offers six synthetic turf fields, eight volleyball courts that convert into basketball courts, party rooms, a children’s playground, an arcade, and a concession venue.


A facility of this size typically relies on a series of individual units to send conditioned air to the various fields and rooms. This often leads to a complimenting series of complicated controls that make energy and airflow management difficult.


For this project, we elected to employ five large McQuay RPS Packaged Rooftop Units with gas heat to serve the main fields and office area. These units have integral energy recovery wheels that allow the owner to recover up to 100 tons of cooling during the summer months. Two McQuay Maverick II Rooftop Units serve the smaller fields that only see occasional use during peak times. All the field rooftop units incorporate modulating hot gas re-heat which helps control the humidity levels in the individual spaces. The units include the new McQuay Micro-Tec III Controller with BACnet Interface that enables the units to integrate seamlessly with the Alerton Controls System provided for the job. This allows the building managers to effectively control both the comfort levels and their energy consumption.