VCU Siegel Center

The Siegel Center is Virginia Commonwealth University’s premier athletic venue, and home of the VCU Rams. Since its 1999 opening, it has hosted the likes of the Harlem Globetrotters, the Washington Wizards, concerts from the likes of James Taylor and Sheryl Crow, and President Barack Obama.


Engineer Dunlap and Partners tasked us with retrofitting an old Ice Slurry System into a static Ice System. Given the various usage needs of the facility, the building cooling load can change rapidly. A Fafco Ice Storage System gives VCU the ability to adapt to these changing loads quickly. Since Fafco’s heat exchangers are modular, we were able to use the existing slurry well and build a rack for the new heat exchangers. The existing McQuay Condensing Units were retrofited with remote evaporator barrels to provide the Fafco Heat Exchangers with Ice Duty Chilled Water. This saved VCU valuable time and money during the retrofit process.


With rising energy costs a constant concern, VCU is finding the Fafco Ice Storage System a great way to maximize savings. They’re designed to build ice during off-peak hours when utility rates are traditionally lower. This stored energy can then be burned during peak hours throughout the day when demand is higher. This is both cost-effective and gives VCU and the Siegel Center greater system reliability.