Making the case for high energy efficiency air-cooled chillers in 300 to 1,000 ton systems

ACES is One of the Oldest Businesses in Richmond!

Thank You, Whitten Brothers!

ACES Now Represents Samsung

ACES is recognized as a Platinum Dealer for outstanding performance and became a member of the President's Club recognizing dealers for high volume.

ACES Now Represents Loren Cook in Roanoke

Founded in 1941, Loren Cook is one of the fastest growing fan manufacturing companies worldwide, providing superior product quality and customer service!

VCUHS Cath Lab Renovation

Cath Labs are very complex procedure rooms that require coordination of multiple systems located in the ceiling, including lighting, air delivery, structural boom mounts, rail structures, power, and medical gas coordination.

Air Cooled Chillers In Mission Critical Facilities

New technology has improved energy efficiency and lowered operating costs. Mission Critical requires a membership to access the article.

CES Rebrands to align with Nortek

CES Group, the leading custom air handler manufacturer in North America, has changed its name to Nortek Air Solutions, signaling a new chapter for their customers. The new name signals an alignment between the two companies, and combined with 8 product brands, brings over 390 years of experience to the market.

Daikin Chillers Bring Efficiency and Savings

These magnetic bearing water cooled chillers create the ultimate in climate-controlled environments for offices, schools, hospitals, and more. They save energy, being up to 40% more efficient than standard chillers, and less moving parts bring cost savings over the life of the unit.

Nortek Facility wins Oregon Governor’s Safety Award

Nortek Air Solutions Huntair facility in Tualatin, Oregon has received the 2015 Oregon Governor’s Occupational Safety and Health Award. This award recognizes contributions and initiatives towards workplace safety and health. 

Internet of Things Brings Enhancements to Mechanicals

New technologies have reaped rewards for enhancements in HVAC systems. Intelligent monitoring systems and real-time analytics act as a force-multiplier for management teams to accomplish more, faster, and with less.

CES Group Recognized for Supporting Research

ASHRAE recognized Nortek Air Solutions (CES) for its contribution to research into indoor air quality and standards. CES was one of several companies that joined the ASHRAE Golden Circle, contributing $10,000 or more to ongoing research initiatives.